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Updated 27/11/18

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                          The Potter

                        Rowan Fawdon

   Rowan’s interest in ceramics arose as a pre-school  child, having a handy supply of clay in her parent’s garden.  The opportunity to take ceramics as an exam subject at school introduced her to  throwing. Both hand building and throwing have continued into adult life with various training courses adding new ideas and a greater depth of knowledge.

    Rowan now divides her time between hand built animals in stoneware, making clay masters for casting in bronze resin, throwing functional stoneware and a range of bowls, bottles, jugs etc., in porcelain agate. She also has a passion for early medieval ware and has produced a range of reproduction pieces on commission for a local restoration project.

    Her inspiration is drawn from a life time of observing animals, and from the constantly changing scenery of the Cornish countryside.                                                            

 Ash Tree Pottery was set up in 1995 by Rowan and her husband Neil. Whilst Rowan is the potter, Neil handles the great diversity of other requirements of a business from administration to electrics, and a ready supply of tea and constructive criticism!

Cornish with twist